Come catch unlimited Fun at the Kommon Sense Xclusive, the Gwarinpa Invasion special. The goal is to discover yourself and connect one or two. The 72 card game will expose you to you in ways you never thought possible. Just imagine that your can play your life in 60 seconds. ..

Just imagine that you will connect the missing link of 2023. Just Imagine! 

Are you searching for a learning tool to help you master Premium Skills? Such as;

  • 3–D Thinking
  • Strategic Communication
  • Personality Profiling
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Negotiation and Mediation skills
  • Leadership Intelligence
  • Knowledge-Economy
  • Business Intelligence
  • Active Learning
  • Verbal Enterprise. 
  • Marketing Intelligence


Something for every one: FUN, LEARNING and GROWTH


Great experience most interestingly interactive, which deepens learning. This cards are exceptional energizers and triggers for interaction. I am certainly going to use it for my training.
Viktor Kuchili
Author/Business Consultant
Playing the Kommon Sense game was more of a simulation of life experience. Being able to elicit the fears, emotions, inabilities etc. It’s an experience that is worthwhile.
Solomon David
Digital Marketing
Quite an interesting game, which can be likened to Robert Kiyosaki’s board game in teaching financial intelligence. This game can really teach Organic Intelligence, confidence and meaningful relations amongst would-be users of the card game.
Gambo Dusu I
Civil Servant
My table members were willing to share their personal stories to defend their cards which makes me to believe that the cards are therapeutic. Some did not want to go to school but after all, they were glad.
Alice Jumoke Laka – Fashakin
Media/Consulting and 360° Woman
For a system or a world where everyone wants to talk, the Kommon Sense cards shuts you up and makes its players listen. It was worth the play and time.
Kristen Laity Haruna
Lead Creator/ Generator
It was an amazing experience and also humbling. I got to understand that this game will expose my poor communication skill and triggered my quest to do better.
Duamlong Magdalene Matkwap
Civil Servant