Kommon Sense Exclusive with Prince Charles Dickson

How to play Kommon Sense

Kommon Sense is a learning tool for mastering crucial work and life skills. Premium skills such as:

  • 3–D Thinking
  • Strategic Communication
  • Personality Profiling
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Negotiation and Mediation skills
  • Leadership Intelligence
  • Knowledge-Economy
  • Business Intelligence
  • Active Learning
  • Verbal Enterprise. 

Features of Kommon Sense

  1. There are 6 Important rules that make up the game mechanics of Kommon Sense:

  2. Rule 1 You have only 60 seconds to connect your card to the card on the table convincingly, or you go to school.

  3. Rule 2: When you play the card Kommon Sense, the next player goes to school twice (pick 2 cards)
  1. Rule 3: You can use your money card to buy from your card, but you have 60 seconds to explain the connection. if accepted, everyone goes to school (pick a card) If rejected you go to school and withdraw your request. 

  2. Rule 4:  You can use the card death to destroy the game.

  3. Rule 5: You can use the card life to resurrect the game.


Key Terminologies of Kommon Sense:


This is a deck of cards that remains after sharing with players.

Go to School:

This is a deck of cards that remains after sharing with players.


Before a game commences, all players must agree to choose a context the context of play. Example_ leadership) 

Call for Vote

Disagreement over a connection, activate calls for the vote. Majority wins.

All you need to play Kommon Sense are:

  1. Friends, Colleague, Family or strangers
  2. Table
  3. Chairs
  4. A pack of Kommon Sense
  5. Pen
  6. Notepad
  7. Snacks and drinks would also be helpful 


7 Transformational Experiences from Kommon Sense

  • 💩 Absolutely Futuristic: Kommon sense guide you to SIMULATE real-life challenges at home and work and helps you practice with friends and family before it becomes real.
  • 💩 Very Immersive: In the course of play, Kommon Sense will lead you to personal depths of beliefs and values you never knew you possess.
  • 💩 Creatively Tasking: You never know how creative you are in thoughts and words until you are backed into a corner, Kommon Sense will surely take you there. 
  • 💩 Easy to learn and Play: Kommon Sense is hands-on, learning is on the go, you learn as you play. here everyone is a teacher, everyone is a learner. The emphasis is the learning experience and the competence you build.
  • 💩 Emotionally Demanding: Kommon sense will place a huge demand on your capacity to be objective in the face of personal interest and wish.
  • 💩 Mastery: Kommon Sense allows you to practice premium skills like Thinking, Communication, E.Q, Negotiation, Mediation, Marketing and Leadership to the level of expertise.
  • 💩 Spiritually Uplifting: Kommon Sense is deeply rooted in life principles, values and justice. Constant engagement with Kommon Sense will help you master the rudiment of the human soul