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About K-CAT

Kommon Sense Conference  for Alpha Teenagers (KCAT), is a leadership platform designed to inspire, mobilize and organize a viable population of  teenagers for Global solutions. This is based on the values and principles of Kommon Sense. After the conference, participants will be eligible to join the Global Solution Hub (GSH). A community of problems solvers, who solve problems for fees or pro-bono.  Only 14-19 year old are eligible to participate in K-CAT


To build a global solution hub of teenagers with the capacity to solve any problem irrespective of industry, location and magnitude.


  • To raise the leaders of tomorrow today
  • To build a central bank of solutions
  • To mobilize a Viable Population for Industry growth
  • To raise a roundedglobal citizens. 
Kommon Sense-Conference-for-Alpha-Teenagers

The world presently is in a reset mode. thriving to make sense of the disruptions and uncertainties  of the Pandemic and the complexities of post Pandemic in all areas. The world at this stage needs visionary leaders much more than anytime in the history of the world. KCAT, therefore is a clarion call for young but remarkable minds with the view to equip them for the task ahead. KCAT, is designed to run in 3 Cities in Nigeria this year. Uyo, Abuja, Lagos. Hosting right for Uyo has already been awarded to Inimfon Ndedde. Hosting right for Lagos and Abuja is still open. Apply Now

Kommon Sense for Alpha T, Host, Inimfon ndeddeeenagers

About The Host

Born in 2004, Inimfon Ndedde is a young entrepreneur and graduate from Pegasus High School, Eket. She hails from Akwa Ibom state in Nigeria. She is the second child of Barr. and Mrs. Victor Ndedde. A Devout Christian and an aspiring developmental psychologist, she aims to be a personal development enthusiast and changemaker in Africa, and the world at large. She wants realistic preparations for the global stage from the educational sector rather than conventional teaching methods.

As the host for the Kommon-Sense Conference for Alpha Teenagers (Uyo
2022), Inimfon’s goal is to ensure all participants of the conference get impacted to create positive changes in their society.

Meet the speakers for the the Uyo conference. FEB. 19TH.

Jim Friedman Common Sense for Alpha Teenagers

Jim Friedman

He is the Chief Steward of World Creativity and Innovation Week (WCIW) and a professor at Miami University, USA. 

John Obidi

He is a New Media Consultant, International Speaker and Personal · Highly skilled, compelling visionary and phenomenal resourceful person ·


Eunice Thomas

Founder and currently the lead consultant of Eunice Thomas leadership Academy (ETLA) and Convener, Global Womanity Conference.

Muyiwa Fasakin At Common Sense for Alpha Teenagers Uyo 2022

Muyiwa Fashakin

Africa Leading Creative Intelligent Expert, Board Advisory member World Creativity and Innovation  week, and  CEO World Change Summit. 

Victor Prince Dickson - Copy

Victor Prince Dickson

Inventor, Kommon Sense, Founder, Skillcomvalley Coordinating Ambassador WCIW Africa. Master of  Human Singularity and 7th Sense

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